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    the ol’ razzle dazzle

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    Puppy’s First Visit To The Beach Will Make All Other Dog Photos Out There Irrelevant

    This little fella’s name is Champ. He’s a 9-week-old golden retriever that went to the beach for the first time in Hagar Township on Lake Michigan.

    Photograher Patrick Holthof

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  3. why can’t people see kristen stewart is basically 98% of all tumblr users

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    waking up and realizing you still have more time to sleep


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    do you have a friend who’s usually a sweetheart but when they’re angry they’re the creepiest and the most cruel motherfucker you ever saw in your whole life

    i am that friend

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    Columbia student will carry her mattress until her rapist exits school
    September 2, 2014

    While most students at Columbia University will spend the first day of classes carrying backpacks and books, Emma Sulkowicz will start her semester on Tuesday with a far heavier burden. The senior plans on carrying an extra-long, twin-size mattress across the quad and through each New York City building – to every class, every day – until the man she says raped her moves off campus.

    “I was raped in my own bed,” Sulkowicz told me the other day, as she was gearing up to head back to school in this, the year American colleges are finally, supposedly, ready to do something about sexual assault. “I could have taken my pillow, but I want people to see how it weighs down a person to be ignored by the school administration and harassed by police.”

    Sulkowicz is one of three women who made complaints to Columbia against the same fellow senior, who was found “not responsible” in all three cases. She alsofiled a police report, but Sulkowicz was treated abysmally – by the cops, and by a Columbia disciplinary panel so uneducated about the scourge of campus violence that one panelist asked how it was possible to be anally raped without lubrication.

    So Sulkowicz joined a federal complaint in April over Columbia’s mishandling of sexual misconduct cases, and she will will hoist that mattress on her shoulders as part savvy activism, part performance art. “The administration can end the piece, by expelling him,” she says, “or he can, by leaving campus.”

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    As painful as I know the constant reminder of attending school with her rapist must be, I’m glad she won’t be the only one forced to remember. I hope the rapist drops out immediately…or better yet, I hope he faces the justice he deserves. 

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    I think vladamir putin looks like max from max & ruby

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    when you write a sentence and it rhymes


    why does the picture make perfect sense

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    Please be entertained by this fish scaring this dog.


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